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Professors’ Information

Sophia University / Faculty of Liberal Arts

  • Field
    Business and Management
  • Professor

    Business and Management

    M.Sc., Ph.D., University of Tsukuba

  • Contact

    Email: khojast[at]
    Tel: 03-3238-4068
    Office: 10-549

  • Research and Teaching Interests

    Production and Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Engineering

  • Selected Publications


    ・Khojasteh, Y. (ed.) (2017) Supply Chain Risk Management, Springer

    Book Chapters

    ・Khojasteh-Ghamari, Y. (2012) Warehouse Management: Productivity Improvement in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. In Manzini R. (Ed.), Warehousing in the Global Supply Chain: Advanced Models, Tools and Applications for Storage Systems, Springer: London

    Journal Articles

    ・Huang, G. and Khojasteh, Y. (2023) Using an incentive-compatibility due-date quotation to improve the performance for one-of-a-kind production shop floors controlled by load-based pull systems, International Journal of Production Research, (forthcoming)

    ・Rezaeian, J. Alizadeh-Foroutan, R. Mojibi, T. and Khojasteh, Y. (2023) Sensitivity analysis of the unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem with rework processes and machine eligibility restrictions, Operations Research Forum, 4 (52) pp. 1-24

    ・Huang, G. Chen, J. and Khojasteh, Y. (2021) A cyber‑physical system deployment based on pull strategies for one‑of‑a‑kind production with limited resources, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 32 (2) pp. 579-596

    ・Kainuma, Y., Suyama N., Furuhata T. and Khojasteh, Y. (2019) Investigation of global supply chain network redesign, Procedia Manufacturing, 39, 1552-1558

    ・Kobayashi, T., Khojasteh, Y. and Kainuma, Y. (2019) Analysis of multi-objective decision problems in humanitarian supply chains, Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 12 (2) pp. 60-67

    ・Chino, M., Khojasteh, Y., Furuhata, T. and Kainuma, Y. (2017) Empirical Analysis of Supply Chain Risk Management in the Japanese Automotive Industry, Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association, 67 (4), pp 285–294 (In Japanese)

    ・Khojasteh, Y. and Son, J.D. (2016) A travel time model for order picking systems in automated warehouses, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 86 (5), pp 2219–2229

    ・Khojasteh, Y. and Sato, R. (2015) Selection of a pull production control system in multi-stage production processes, International Journal of Production Research, 53 (14), pp. 4363-4379

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    ・Khojasteh-Ghamari, Y. and Wang, S.Y. (2005) A genetic algorithm for order picking in automated storage and retrieval systems with multiple stock locations, Industrial Engineering & Management Systems, 4 (2), pp. 136-144


    Faculty of Liberal Arts



    Graduate Program in Global Studies