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In particular I enjoyed the business classes because I was able to learn more about current events and the global economy than I think I could have from any school with a less diverse staff. It was wonderful to take class trips to companies like Toyota and Nissan, and going to shrines and museums for class projects was a fun way of getting closer to the history of Japan. I absolutely love Sophia’s location! It is in the heart of Tokyo, which makes it easy to go to all of the best spots in the city. The central location makes it possible to live just about anywhere in the city and still have a reasonable commute. It’s also a wonderful location because there are so many parks, stores, restaurants, companies, museums, and historic sites that are literally right there. I think the experience I’ve had here would have been impossible in locations such as Osaka or Kyoto. Living and studying in Tokyo is hard to describe, but it is by far the best experience I have ever had!American housemates?