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The FLA feels like a small, liberal arts college in the US to the extent that the small class sizes encourage meaningful discussion and make it possible to really get to know your professors. All my professors have been passionate about their subjects; more than that, they’ve also been enthusiastic about sharing knowledge outside the classroom. Whether its learning classical Japanese or about the depiction of the sublime in post-Rococo art, I feel extremely lucky to have been surrounded by such down-to-earth, approachable educators. Living and studying in Tokyo has been the best experience of my life, hands down. I have gone through so much self reflection trying to sort out which parts of me were my own. Of course, I am still a work in progress, but Tokyo has given me the space and inspiration and freedom to pursue literally anything I want. Where else can I learn the shamisen, snack on Cameroonian food, and then go home to have a takoyaki party with my Japanese, Korean, Swedish, French, Taiwanese, Swiss, Chinese, and American housemates?